Yianna Georgiadou

As a busy mum and full-time student, Marcelo helps me keep in shape so that I feel healthy and have energy to do all the things I need to do in a week. He keeps the sessions interesting and fun, and keeps my personal goals in mind. With Marcelo’s help, I am moving towards my health goals, staying motivated and feeling more confident than ever!


As a professional dancer, it’s imperative I keep in top shape. Marcelo understands my needs-works on keeping my strengths and developing my weaknesses. Training with Marcelo has taught me there is more to the gym than just the treadmill- each week he pushes me with something new just to keep me on my toes! There is never a dull moment everyone is so driven and there is always an exiting event in the pipeline!


At 54 years old I am still a regular local gym visitor but found that my motivation was dwindling and
I was increasingly looking for excuses not to go. Even a drop of rain would be a good reason. When
I did manage to drag myself there I started to finish a particular exercise or routine too early…when
it became hard or tiring…just at the time when it was doing me the most good! It was then when
I met Marcelo and realised that a personal trainer could solve both those problems.

Now I am seeing him regularly, I know that he is waiting for me with his usual energy (so I can’t not
show) and the sessions are always varied. He pushes me further than I would go on my own and as a
result I have achieved far more in the last few months with him than a whole year at the gym on my

He varies the sessions with different routines and exercises and these are tailor-made to suit my goals.
I have lost weight and tonedup in the areas I wanted. I recently completed a 5K run under his guidance, which is something I never expected to achieve.

Marcelo is very personable and friendly, he has a very professional approach and a genuine interest in his client’s well-being. His obsession with fitness is infectious and he has a good knowledge of nutrition and diet. I now look forward to my exercise sessions with him and there are no excuses
anymore… not even in the rain.

I now look forward to my exercise sessions with him and there are no excuses anymore… not even in the rain.


Marcelo manages to excite me about exercise – even on the days I don’t feel like it. He is always positive, upbeat and helps to keep me focused on my goals. I really appreciate the way that he has tailored programs to my specific needs pre, during and post pregnancy, helping to rebuild my core strength and get my body back into some kind of shape! Too often personal trainers give you the same routine that they give all their clients but Marcelo is different. He invests time in designing programs that are right for you and gives you exercises to do at home and/or nutrition plans if you want them. Most importantly, I see Marcelo as a good friend as well as a trainer!


Just over an year ago I’ve decided to try sessions with a Personal Trainer and luckily got into Marcelo’s hands!

It was essential for me to exercise with someone who can help me achieve my goals and keep me motivated, but Marcelo went an extra mile! His level of energy and commitment is impressive! He won’t only help you to get into a great shape, but also you will leave session upbeat and feeling positive. Working out can actually be fun! Every session it is something new and interesting, instead of boring routine.

It can be hard to find a trainer that will support you throughout the process and make sure you are using maximum of your capabilities, but it is even harder to find a trainer that will make all of the above with a cheerful smile and happy attitude. I’ve found mine!